Friday, 1 January 2016

The Moebius.

The start of a new year, so starting with three new resolutions:
build more,
build them with a view to selling, so take that into account for the displaying and sturdiness,
get out to more Cons to get my stuff out there.
And starting a brand new build on this first day of a brand new year.
I mentioned a while back that i had it in mind to make my version of this nifty ship design by the brilliant French artist Moebius, that he did for a comic strip back in the 70's.
I've been waiting for the conditioner bottle to be all used up as i see it as a good match as a donor for the lower section that houses the crew area and, once empty, i washed it out and cut the top off.
As i say, i'm making things now with a view to not only being sturdy enough for transport, but also how to display - too often i make something just for myself and never think about what to do with it when done.
With the Moebius (which i'll call it) i know i want it on a nice stand, supported by a clear rod.
But, looking at the illustration, this lower section will be taking all the weight of the ship above, and the conditioner bottle is VERY flimsy.
So you can see i've filled it with Plaster Of Paris, which has made it lovely and heavy, and i've capped the end with Plasticard that has a hole cut out to allow for the bubble canopy.

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