Friday, 22 January 2016

Blakes 7 Ore Carrier - getting back on track

Its been quite a while since i've posted anything new on my Blakes 7 Ore Carrier recreation.
It'd been at a standstill for quite a while as i tried to track down two very distinctive shapes at the front, but wasn't having much luck.
Then found that they were from a tractor kit, but that didn't move things forward as it turned out its now a pretty rare thing these day - only one i could find on the 'Bay was 65 quid in the States, so there'd be hefty postage on top of that too.
So i decided to make my own approximations of the pieces, glued them on and that was that - but then the Top Bloke that is Phil steps in and lets me know that he's managed to grab himself one of the tractor kits, and would i like him to cast me copies?
Sure would!
And they've arrived today i'm happy to say. In the end it wasn't a case of Phil having to cast four pieces as there were four curvy shapes in the box, so he's let me have them and cast me the other two.
Here they are alongside the crude one's i'd made - just need to ping them off, and the games back on!

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