Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The USS Austin

Been a real long while since i've built or scratchbuilt a spacecraft.
But, moneys tight, so how do i go about that?
Then the lightbulb goes on and i remember my oft-negleted build, SO neglected in fact that i actually started it some 35 years ago!
Long-time followers may remember this, if you'd like more info then type six million into the search bar up top here.
But, in a nutshell:
Back in about '79, all fired up on Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Blakes 7 and the like, the teenage me attempts to turn his old Six Million Dollar Man Repair Station into a spoaceship. Before giving up on it.
Fast forward about 6 yaers ago and i stumble on it in my mum's attic and wince at the crudeness of it.
But thought, as it was one of the projects that got me onto this scratchbuilding lark, i'd finish it off.
And that's what i've been doing every few years until i get bored with it each time.
And now's the time to try again.
These shots are how things are right now, and its a real mix of different bouts of building - the original, painful parts are visible in there, but i'm slowly covering them up.
The underside was just a blank sheet of cardboard (yes really) when i re-discovered it and, last time i was working on it, i addressed that with this pipe and girder work, heavily influenced by the Valley Forge in "Silent Running".
And i'd made a "head" for it two out of a couple of ribbed tupperware bowls stuck togther.
That's it for now, i'll go into more detail as i start adding some.


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