Monday, 24 August 2015

Judge Fear - done

So, my Judge Fear got his debut Con yesterday.
I could only be there for a couple of hours and in a way i'm glad - i'd never put the whole outfit on all at once before and it was a good dry run to see what worked and what didn't.
1. The booster shoulder pads that are under the actual shoulder pads to make them sit higher will have to go - them being high up like that makes me look like i've got no neck, the helmet looks far too blocky like this. If i have the pads sitting on my shoulders then the helmet will be that much higher and more defined.
2. I've got to change the balaclava i wore - its the one i use for my Garinden and its woolen. That's okay with him as he has a hood and the air is free-flowing. Here it was far too warm and too thick - my nose was crushed up against the lighting panels.
3. I've got to put some sort of attaching system of gloves to sleeves - every time i lifted my hands up, the gloves came out of the sleeve.
4. I need a better attachment than industrial Velcro to keep the bear traps on the belt - the heat of the day made the glue of it to the belt go sticky.
5. I wore a dancers belt. Not really enjoying the sensation of having my rectum garroted by a piece of elastic, i don't think i'll be wearing it on any other occasion.
All in all, a good day which left me still with things to day. He got a good reaction but, staggeringly considering it was a comic convention, no-one did the "GAZE INTO THE FIST OF DREDD!" line


Admin said...

Grud, great job! nice self-crit too; definite neck needed, and maybe generally scuz it up more :)

Paul Pethers said...

nice seeing finished suit, as for suit problems use one inch black webbing with snaps to attach items to belt as for the helmet judge fear has a tall narrow head so it appears normal to him but not human practical. you could lengthen the slits part of the visor or complete lower section then look through the slits not the eye holes (no one will notice) pad inside top of helmet so it sits higher on your head, this way your head will be taller and narrow (making my own and that's what I have done)