Thursday, 15 January 2015

Judge Fear

First of my new run of 2000AD projects is Judge Fear by Dark World Creations.
I was kind of put off buying any because of the price for the size, but it wasn't until i went on Youtube and saw a OOTB on them that i realised i was wrong about the scale.
For some reason i thought they'd be similar in size to those larger Judge Dredd metal miniatures Forbidden Planet put out in the early 80's.
Dunno why, so i got a shock when i realised they were about the size of a big finger.
Anyway, i went with Fear for my first one as he's my favourite Dark Judge, and you don't usually see much in the way for him.
So, he arrives and that's some really nice packaging, with three sheets of foam sandwiching the parts.
The parts are superbly detailed and superbly cast. Guessing the new-fangled £D affairs have something to do with it?
Anyway, there's only a wee bit of snipping needed and hardly any flash.
Part fit was pretty good - a bit gappy where the arms join the shoulders but, as the cloak covers them up, i'm not bothered by that.
Speaking of the cloak, the execution is very, very well thought:
the cloak fits snugly onto the shoulders,
the shoulder pads fit snugly onto the cloak, with the chain of the cloak, matching exactly the rings on the pads,
the head fits nicely into the neck.
Meaning, i could assemble all together with Blu Tac, primer in Grey Primer, then remove everything for ease of painting and final assembly at the end.


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