Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Glottkin - starting

First up, merry Christmas to you.
That is, if you're reading this - haven't been here for a long while it seems.
But, with me covering all my scratchbuilds now on my Mr E Models Facebook page and the few kits i have made being the subject of Youtube videos, i am posting stuff online, just not on this page.
Anyway, i got this new kit for Christmas and thought i'd feature it here.
Even though its the biggest by far IP kit Games Workshop has yet put out, it was really quick to put together - a wee bit on Christmas Day, some more work on it on Boxing Day, and half an hour this morning and it was done.
Once assembled, two things stand out aside from the sheer bulk of it: how,as usual, the horrible paintjob on the box does the kit no favours at all by pretty much hiding all the lovely detail, and how shocking the part fit is in places. Quite a bit of filler was needed, both to cover gaps, but also to cover up some shocking seamlines:

The two brothers of the big fella were much better, the multiple parts going together very well, making for two excellent figures:

And here's where i am with him today - the brothers plonked on with Blu Tac, ditto the fiddly accessories, ready for priming then removal for seperate painting:


Leif Eriksson said...

Interesting article. I agree on the paint jobs on most of the chaos stuff nowadays.

Sometimes the stuff is painted like they are regular humans cosplaying chaos!

Mangamax said...

Totally agree!

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