Monday, 29 December 2014

The Glottkin - progess

Okay, once i'd done the skin tones for the Big Fella, i went in with a bone colour for the horns all over his body:

I then washed then with Burnt Umber to finish them off, dealt with the fur he seems to be growing up top, then started to turn my attention to the detail areas, which are divided into three groups: skin rips, boils/pustles and skulls imbedded into the skin:

The boils/pustles i've picked out in Screaming Skull then washed with a crimson wash and will be returning too soon to finish off. I've still to finish blocking in a lot of the skin rip areas with a flesh tone, but have started putting gore into them on other. Ditto the hidden skulls.
There's also the odd tentacle here and there, like this one above his buttocks. Incidently, he comes with a loin cloth to hid his cheeks but i've decided not to use it as (A) why would such a grotesque creature be modest over his bum? (B) Its a the back, so would rarely be seen, (C) its a lovely sculpt and i could use it as a banner on something else:

You can also see i've made a start on the maw that he has for a right hand, and i've started on this detail on his right thigh, which i'm having as a group of three eyes looking out:

And, WIP on the Wizard and Warrior to show that i haven't forgotten them:

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