Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tyranid Haruspex

With me and my Son deeply into Space Hulk and busy populating it with various Tyranid beasties, we thought it'd be nice to get one of the newly released figures.
And i've gone with the Haruspex as its habit of its insides spilling out as it shoots out its tongue to grab its prey really appeals to me.
So, in the usual box, you get two sprues and the usual photo instructions that are confusing because they are photos and not line drawings:

Anyway, its a lovely kit to put together despite the head scratching over part placement in a few places - in 15 mins i had this done, a lovely intricate body and legs. 23 pieces went to into getting me to this point:

And the head alone has 10 pieces to it. Lovely stuff.

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