Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nurgle Fridge Magnet

When using air-drying clay, i always seem to end up with a lump left over, drying out fast, and too far gone to put back in the pack.
Rather than just chuck it away, i have a play around with it, pummeling and kneading it, using it almost like a rorshach test, looking to what develops.
When i see something i either leave it at that, or do a few adjustments to make it more into what its reminded me of.
Case point here - saw a big-jawed, pointy headed face, with space for three eyes.
So that's what i did, adding beads for eyes, cocktail sticks for teeth, and a specially created tongue for the mouth.
Last pics are of him done and he's just about to go on eBay as a nightmare fridge magnet.

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