Sunday, 30 December 2012

Merry Christmas to me - Hornethopter

Well, hope y'all having a great Christmas and you all got what you asked Santa for. I did - eventually. My Wife ordered me this Bad Boy and i'd had it on pre-order for quite a while and it shipped on the 12th, so hoped it'd arrive in time. It didn't, but at least it came on day after Boxing Day:
Wow is all i can say. Just wow. Lovely packaging artwork on the back:
And, on the underside of that, is the very clear instruction sheet:
Open the box and everything i've heard about FichtenFoo was born out - BRILLIANT, flawless resin castings and fantastic brass etch work:
This is going to be a joy to build. Its quite small, being 1/35th scale and my thought while it was on its way that i make it as an alternative WW2 vehicle, but i really like the box blurb about it being the "scourge of the dirigibles" and so will go with the intended Steampunk setting. I may use figures that Industria Mechanika produce or, if i don't fancy another long wait from the States, try and source military figures readily availaible over here that i can adapt in some way.

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