Saturday, 1 December 2012


With my Son planning on all sorts of devices to bung at me, figure i'll be needing some artillery of me own. With Chaos, that's this here Hellcannon - a lovely device where you feed dead bodies in the back, the souls are extracted then fired out the front. I was thinking of making one of my own, but this built and primed in black one was going cheap on the 'Bay, so i got it:
I plopped some Nurglins up top to show that's its a Nurgle weapon and, after putting on a dusting of white so i could see the details better, i started on the metals first. I'm going for a "so rusty, you'll catch something from just touching it" kind of look and i'm pretty happy so far. I'm waiting to see how it looks with the other areas before deciding whether to do more:

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