Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nurgle Titan - head

Been thinking about the head for the Titan. Seems to me, the two most common themes for Nurgle are a cyclopian eye and singular horns.
So, thought i'd give my Titan both.
Here's the start. Its half a clear ball that a toy came in from one of those vending machines, that has four holes in the centre. These will be the viewports, oozing slime.
Its not too clear here, but i've glued it to a ribbed section of Plasticard that'll fit into the recess for it on the main hull, setting it at an angle so it points downwards somewhat rather than have it boringly pointed straight ahead.
That leaves a gap at the back and i'll be filling that with layers of thin strips of Plasticard, giving it a ribbed neck apperance.

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