Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Joe Pineapples - turning blue

With the left arm kept off till the end, figure it'll be a good idea to experiment with colours.
That's harder than i thought as most artists that paint Joe usually use the ABC Warriors to experiment with refelctive light effects and shadings.
He's usually shown as a sometimes metallic blue, sometimes metallic blue affair.
So, went off to Halfords and bought a can of "Ford Azure Blue". That's a lovely shade - but a tad dark.
Thinking it won't show up all the luvverly detail, i've oversprayed it with "Caribic Blue", a can i've had laying around for years since i used it once for a Martin Bower recreation.
Luckily, after a good rattle, it came out fine and has done the job i wanted it to.

Sorry about the quality of the pics, but its VERY shiny.

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