Saturday, 15 August 2009

SEG-888 Hornet & LT-5 Tank

Hello there my modelling chums.
Sorry for the delay in posting here, but we've been away on holiday to sunny (for once) Wales.
Came back, and what's this here? Two lovely new projects for me.
Don't know if they're canon or not but they're supposidly from the Ma.K universe, As i say, dunno if that's true but they're lovely designs - so much so that they've made me break from my rule of only 1/20th scale for my Ma.K kits, being 1/35th.
Bonus with that scale is i'll be able to add readily available military kit parts to their scenes.
And the casting too.
AMAZING stuff: tiny, tiny, intricate detail superbly cast. Dead chuffed i got them.

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Blitzspear said...

Hi Mangamax, Where'd ya pick up the Junk Tank Rock kits from there site or in the UK? As to them being related to Ma.K there not but they are in the same vain as Ma.K for sure. I blogged about them last month when i was looking for ideas fro the Group build. Linky=

Takes some hit and hope navigating of teh site but well worth it.