Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ma.K Probe

Been very impressed with folk over on the Ma.K Forum showing scratchbuilds they've done of "craft with odd bits sticking out at angles". So much, thought i'd have a go.
Thing is, what they make look dead easy, isn't.
Very unsure with this but there's no going back - and adding more to it might make it worse.
What its made from is:
body of a wall walking robot,
some sort of medical tube,
a mdeical plunger thing,
orange half egg toy container,
bits from the Airfix SRN4 Hovercraft, a Chinook kits and various others.

1 comment:

Blitzspear said...

I don't think the medical pluner thing works, it's a bit too big in relation to the main head/body thing. But this may be down to the shot. Or maybe have it facing forward to suggest a weapon instead. I dont think it needs to many more big greeblys but some fuse wire and some lecci bits an bobs packed in on it's underside would suggest a more ma.k militery machine to me.