Monday, 13 October 2008

SFMUK London day out

Saturday last saw the first "proper" meet-up of forum posters over on the SFMUK site, with choice of venue being Comet Minatures.

Went up on the train with longterm modelling chum Dover Dave Trelfer (Gremlin on the Forum)and had a nice time meeting up with Mark (Tak5haka) as we tried navigating round the police tape near the shop, set up after the stabbing there. Yup, we were in London alright.

Bumped into Ian (MakMan) in the shop, who was true to form and did the usual of spending more than all of us put together.

Spent more in the pub opposite and that's where Phil (incrediblefruit) joined us.

A good day.

Picture has, left to right, Mark, me, Dave and Ian. Phil's behind the lens.

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