Monday, 20 October 2008

Psydon Ship - Command Module progress

Just about finished sanding the join between the vac form part and the Plasticard underside.

Can't finish that though until i address this bit.

As you can see from the reference pics in the background, the ship has a "sting" at the front (one of three attempts Mr Bower made to infer an insect), which is an engine bell from the Airfix Saturn V kit.

Got one of them ok, but Martin had truncated the nose then attached a disc then attached the engine bell to that.

The problem is: what is that disc? Not bothered to try and find the actual thing used as its pretty clear from the photos that the disc has exactly the same curve as the Saturn V half cone on the underside. Got one of them too and, by drawing around it on a piece of paper, i can figure out the diameter.

Its a disc 2.5cm across and, eyeballing it, about 0.5cm thick.

While rummaging around for something suitable you can see i've cut the end of the nose in preperation.

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