Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Jabbas Palace - what was i thinking?

Saw this going cheap on eBay for 3 quid.

Built one when it first came out in 1983 and seem to remember i thought it was "alright" but not much more.

But, it was cheap, i'm still in Star wars mode and a lot of my projects are nearing the end.

So bought it, opened it and, boy, memories cheated.

The vac form and IP base is quite good, some of the aliens are pretty accurate (thought there's not enough of them) and Leia as Boushh and Chewbacca are alright.






Oh dear...

No WAY could i use them.

So, had to think of a way of displaying the scene without using the main characters.

As it also comes with Boba Fett and Solo in Carbonite, i hit on the idea of depicting the moment when Fett delivers him to Jabba.

Could explain away why there's not too many aliens there- they hadn't all turned up at that point.

Oh, you'll see some of the figures were started - the guy i bought it off of started it 20 years ago but lost interest. can't think why...

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