Monday, 25 June 2007

Sandcrawler - 4

Sure all of us love the Star Wars craft for the down and dirtiness of them. And they don't get much dirtier than this one.

Had a real blast last night getting to this stage.

First i picked out the various panels in dark grey and orangey brown, putting them on as a wash so they wouldn't be too jarring.

After that was dry, a mucky wash of black was put on - but not wiped off. That pulled the colours together.

When dry it was drybrush time. Some basecoat here and there, sand on the tread assemblies, a lot of black, and what seems to be bird droppings in the photos - although that would be a LOT of birds to cover that much. All of them are in the form of dripping down.

I've just started here blocking some detailed areas in black, ready to pick out the details.

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