Sunday, 20 December 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Spoiler free this, so don't worry - its just i saw The Force Awakens yesterday and the reason i mention it here is, though the effects are excellent i was a bit miffed that JJ Abrahms chose to do what he did in the two Star Trek's with the ships and craft - shoot them at unusual angles.
That's fine when you're shooting the Enterprise, everyone knows what that looks like, but here the model maker in me is screaming inside "let me see, pull back, let me see the whole of the bloody ship!".
Tad annoying i have to go online to see them in their entirety.

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mung said...

That was my beef with the movie as well, weird angles that never let you get a sense of the geometry of the thing, no new iconic designs, all the new ships were pretty mediocre and very CG looking, in fact the spaceship stuff was a big let down for me.