Thursday, 1 October 2015

Blakes 7 Unmanned Ore Carrier - tanks

So, i've glued the two Shuttle External Tanks together, minus their middle sections, and then added two pieces of tubing on each side as seen on the original.
I do like the detective nature of studio builds, that also up silly little unimportant nuggets, but they're fun anyway - Mat Irvine definetly was using an Imperial ruler when he made the ship - each tube is exactly 6 inches long.
Anyway, that's them done.
I've not added the hexagonical shapes from the R2D2 kit to the pointed end of the tanks i've only the one in my bits box. I do have some casting resin though, so will be popping out later to get some Playdoh to use as moulding material.
I've finished accurising the cage section and i'm doing things a bit different next to what i did five years ago.
You can see in Pic 2 from where i was at this stage back then that i just stuck the cage between the tanks.
Indeed, that's how it looks to be in most photos of the original.
But... take a close look at it here in Pic 3 - i'd assumed the tanks were stuck to the middle "was vertical but now horizontal" bar of the cage.
Not so.
The tanks don't touch it at all, and must be attached to some structure on the underside, the photo of which is Pic 4. But, no sign of anything there, so it must be something passing through the cage section.
But, what?

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