Sunday, 22 July 2012

Speilberg Tripod - a rethink and progress

Okay, nixed the idea of lighting the fella - that's too darn fiddly to gouge out holes for the LED's, dunno if those legs will be able to support the weight of the battery pack conclealed in the hood over a long time, and i never turn on my models that i've lit previously. So, i'm cracking on. BIG surprise straight away is the poor fit on the hip section. You can see here that the "skirt" things that go round the hips are secured by two lugs in to two holes - but the lugs are too big and, if you thin one down and put it into a hole, the other one doesn't line up at all:
No way round it but to ignore that second hole and glue straight on to the hull. Should be okay as there's not much weight to it. I'll be filling in the unused hole. You can also see here the other two sub-assemblies i've finished:
They were a much better fit, the only pain being the four spine stripes that go on the back. The spines are SO thin and delicate that cutting the strips from the sprue was real tricky without snapping them. And then it was a pain to get them all lined up so they'd go into their holes on the hull, not helped by the hull being clear plastic in case i did want to light it, making it almsot impossible to see what i was doing. Got there without mishaps though:

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