Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sandtrooper - off we go.

You may recall last year that i started on my Sandtrooper outfit with the helmet:

Happy to say that the armour will be here before long and i'm looking forward to my biggest ever build challenge.
So, in the meantime, i've started to construct the backpack essential if you're a trooper wanting to survive in the wastelands of Tatooine.
First up, the frame for the backpack. Back in '76 while filming the original, a boy scout backpack harness was used and, of course, they're long gone.
I'm following Nathan over on the UK Forum's advise and maing mine from overflow piping bought from Screwfix. They're much better quality than B&Q's version and have the added bonus of being made from black plastic, so no need for painting. Not assembled yet as i'm awaiting the super-strength glue needed:

One of the major components is a toilet cistern and here's mine, which i'm in the process of cutting down:

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