Saturday, 10 October 2009

Slab Ship - hiding the joins

As well as putting on panels and small details, i've also got to address the problem of how to disguise the vary obvious joins between all the sections of Foamboard.
Getting round it partly by the use of Plastruct strips.
These are excellent - made out of styrene and come in a variety of shapes. You should be able to make here that i'm using "L" shape ones for some areas and "U" shapes for others.
Incidently, it looks like a whacking great gap there at the front where the prow joins on to the sides. There isn't - i've used clear tape to cover it up. And will be covering it even more with small panels soon.
You may also be able to make out that, for the join between the side and the bottom, i've used a cable-tie at the front, then a "L" strip and, beyond the sitckyoutbit, a "U" shape.

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