Saturday, 11 July 2009

Blade Runner Blaster

Off we go then - and straight into a snag.
I got this kit as it has the proper clear orange handgrips. It also comes with 4 red LED's for the side of the gun.
While it'd be easy to install the LED's in the section (holes are marked), and easy to run the wires through the body of the gun, and the battery pack sits neatly in the hand grip, I'd have to drill out this spacer plug of resin you can see here to accomodate the tiny switch, also cut two channels for the wires then, when done, superglue the dummy switch on top of the real one.
Really wasn't looking forward to attempting that.
In the end i've decided not to light it at all.
(1) If i was going to light the red LED's then i'd have to purchase green LED's to make it totally accurate - but there's no way i can fit them onto the part where they go.
(2) If i lit it, i'd have to put threads into the handgrip area to allow for removal of the clear orange parts. a right palavar.
(3) there's no point in trying to be 100% accurate on the lighting side of things if the deail and lettering on the gun isn't accurate. Which it is/isn't.
So, no lights and an approximation of the real gun rather than a hero version. Bit lazy i know, but i'll end up with a better version than i had back in 1992.

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