Monday, 24 November 2008

Psydon Ship - Command Module eyes on

Apologies for anyone who keeps popping back here for progress on the Psydon Ship.

There hasn't been any for a while as i've been putting off the next stage - putting the "eyes" on - as i didn't want to balls it up.

Bit the bullet though and its all done now.

Went ok but... either the Eagle beaks too small or the Hawk mouldings are too big, but the "eyes" cannot be positioned in place the right distance away from the bottom edge on both sides and have the gap between them on the top.

I've compromised - this side has the eye the right distance from the bottom, but the other side is too close (guess which side i'll be photographing from) and the gap up top is too narrow.

But, that's the best i can do.

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