Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Holy Deja Vue

An excellent Frank Quitely cover for All Star Batman to be sure, but i'm sure i've seen that pose before...


Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

PJ Holden said...

Totally disagree with you! The Quitely pose has batman standing with one raised leg leaning against a wall, Batman has one hand resting/rubbing his wrist.

The statue is batman crouched on a statue/plinth with one hand down grabbing the top of the plinth. The other shoulder stretched back and had in a fist.

In fact the only similarity in pose is that batman's torso is thrust forward (also: Quitley's drawing is fantastic)


Mangamax said...

Blimey, trust an artist to burst my bubble.
My one, ONE!, chance to get meself into the same sentence as Mr Quitely and you spoil it.
Damn you Art Droid, damn you (all) to Hell!