Thursday, 22 November 2007

Accurising the AMT Millenium Falcon

I started this project back in July (!) and am about halfway now.

The reason for that - and also why i've not mentioned it before - is:

I wanted to get the Fine Molds Falcon but couldn't justify the expense all in one go.

Digging out my old AMT version that i built in about 1980 had me hankering to build one of those again as a substitute.

But i've always been put off by the totally inaccurate, far too chunky sides to it.

Changed my mind when i found an accurising kit. It was out of stock but i pre-ordered one and figured i could build the kit as far as i could in readiness.

Did that alright - but its been nigh on 4 months for it to be back in stock and so i've had to take the unprecedented step OF PUTTING A KIT BACK IN THE BOX.

You've no idea how alien that is to me.

Anyway, the kits on its way, so i though i'd let you in on what i've done so far.

Buy an AMT kit for £15.00 off eBay.

I'd also found by this point a decal set which has brilliant reproductions of the cockpit walls, the corridor at the top of the entry ramp and the engines. They were in stock at Cultvman and came quite quickly.

As the cockpit was going to look the nuts, i decided it had to be lighted. And, if i was doing that, i must do the entry corridor too. And why not the floodlights underneath?

This was getting to be ambitious.

Even more so when i found a guy in Germany doing detailed Gun Turret interiors. So i bought one of them. And it'd be a shame not to light that as well.

Getting power to the ship was something i had to consider and i went with an exterior source, fed through a minature jack plug.

Figuring i could disguise it as a power feed (which of course it is) in a docking bay, i hit on the idea of a Tatooine-style location - what i'm aiming for is something like the shot above.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey,love what you're upto on this Blog, some cool modelling work going on here for sure.I've not done any real world modelling for a while but you can find the odd bit between my CG work on my Art Blog.

I see you're a chief, I used to be senior Projectionist at the Odeon here in Middlesbrough until it shut down a few years back now, decided after 12 years there not to go to the new UGC and have a change of career. Still miss th old Box at the Odeon, sadly the building has been demolished now. Some pics here of the Odeon coming down on my other Blog. Odeon Demoltion

Mangamax said...

Ta for the link.
Nice bits and pieces there alright - made anything of them yet?
Nice pics of your old site. Such a shame when one of them goes. I'm CTA and would rather have and old site rather than a cardboard Plex

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I've just finished a job on a Honey Nut Cheerios advert that required a rocket on a gantry set near future, I made it CG but I'd have loved to if the budget had allowed made it as a real model.
Still hoard kits parts and junk so one day I'll get some real world modeling done even if it's just for fun !

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